Back Woods Boogie

As much as I love the snow, I can’t wait for the spring to come. That first step on the tan tien for a long cruise will be a great day. I love bombing a hill to my favorite jam, which actually feels rather intoxicating. I highly recommend the Tan Tien to anyone looking to get a board.  I also can’t wait to destroy some back woods trails on the bike. Flying down the trail over rocks, roots, in between or around trees, and over log piles is exhilarating. Call me crazy, but the best part is the close call between a broken collar bone or getting away scot-free as you feel the tree bark snag on your shirt.  These guys below is seriously gettin’ down on some back woods action:

Credit: Picture of the day (POTD)

Credit: TanMan Photographie (yes, thats how he spells it)

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